Ultrafast Lasers

The Naga is compact, energy-efficient, and high-power femtosecond laser. The Naga is capable of up to 5W of average power emission at 1044nm, with excellent beam quality. Due to the high emission cross section, low quantum defect, and high thermal conductivity of its next-gen Yb-doped strontium gadolinium pyrosilicate gain media, we've been able to pack all of that power into a footprint of just 24 x 24 x 6 cubic inches, the smallest of any laser in its class. Moreover, it is fully solid-state cooled, and thus requires no liquid cooling for thermal management.

The Naga was developed as a enabling tool for multiphoton microscopy and high-precision micromachining, and is ideal for OEM product development. We can provide both analog and digital interfaces for control, allowing for simple integration into any complex optical system requiring seamless, low-supervision usage.

Full Specifications:

• Emission Peak: 1044nm

• Average Power: 1 to 5W (customizable)

• Repetition Rate: 50kHz to 10MHz (customizable)

• Pulse Energy: 0.5 to 10uJ (customizable)

• Pulse Duration: <600fs

• Beam Diameter: 2mm +/- 0.2mm

• Beam Divergence: <2mrad

• Transverse Mode: TEM00

• Electrical Power Input: 100-120V, 300W maximum power consumption

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